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The engagement and inclusion of seniors in society is fundamental to combating elder abuse, exploitation, ageism and social isolation/exclusion. SCC is an effective means of overcoming social isolation for its members. It creates fellowship, support and trust and is a means of building and maintaining social relationships for members. It also provides a powerful role model for our community. SCC offers a stress free environment for its members and this is key to its sustainability.

Respect for Seniors March, June 2013

Respect for Seniors March, June 2013

The members of SCC are deeply committed to seniors’ rights – their own rights. They have a strong vision of what these rights should include and are content with their efforts to make this happen.

Seniors Creating Change is a platform for members of the community to actively engage and participate in making change for seniors. The group is essential as a way of:

* Raising local awareness of elder abuse

* Putting seniors issues on the agenda

* Overcoming social isolation and exclusion in the community

* Challenging ageist stereotypes of seniors.

SCC grew from idea to intervention. Importantly, SCC grew out of grass roots consultation with seniors. It has become a recognised primary intervention with political and institutional respect. It remained local, building on core strengths of group work, empowerment, human rights and community development. While SCC has built active seniors it has also built strength of purpose among members – a faith in what SCC does. It has created strong, lasting friendships, had health and wellbeing benefits for members. It has fostered leadership around important community issues. It has made seniors visible where they were hidden.

It is Seniors Creating Change!

Seniors Creating Change: From Idea to Intervention

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